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Community Contribution Guide

Community Contribution Guide

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·Mar 19, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • What to contribute?
  • When to contribute?
  • Why contribute?
  • How to contribute?

Hi fellow Springboard cohorts! We've probably heard of keeping a technical blog at some point during the course. It's already hard enough to start something aside from the demanding course, and even harder to write consistently so that the blog doesn't look "dead". After gathering some feedback, this is an attempt to keep a community blog together!

What to contribute?

Currently only Capstone Project stories are accepted. Capstone Projects mark a milestone that we've achieved during the course, which should deserve more than just a live demo link.

When to contribute?

When doing the first Capstone Project at the earliest. Focusing on the course is still the top priority!

Why contribute?

During the job search process, recruiters and hiring managers often ask about your Capstone Project. Writing a post helps organize our thoughts and remember all the hardships we've been through because as time goes by, our memories fade. Since it's a public post, it's easy to share it on your resume as well.

How to contribute?

Please fill out this form to start writing!

Required items for the post:

  • Post title
  • Live demo link to the Capstone Project
  • GitHub link to the Capstone Project
  • At least 300 words

For consistency, I'll be creating the blog graphics like the one at the top of this post.

Optional items to list a few:

  • Post subtitle
  • Screenshots

Disclaimer: The Community Contribution Guide is subject to change since it's a pilot program. I'll also be reviewing the post before making it public in case of spam or inappropriate language is used.

In short, please be nice since this is a pure community effort :)

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